Burst Frequency Reduction

Reducing maximum pressures reduces burst frequency

Burst frequencies can be highly sensitive to pressure, especially if pipes are not in good condition and already prone to bursts.

A small reduction in the maximum pressure can have a big impact on burst frequency. Large, rapid changes in pressure can also significantly increase the risk of bursts.

i2O’s Smart Pressure Management solutions typically reduce water burst frequency by 40% in areas of the network prone to bursts.

Because your networks’ pressure is continuously optimised, peak pressures are lowered. And because pressure changes are made more smoothly and gradually, you protect the pipes and joints from surges.

eThekwini Water & Sanitation in South Africa has cut mains burst frequency by 67%, reducing repair costs by over £22,000 annually.

The City of Cape Town reduced burst rates by 58%, improving operational efficiency and saving over £20,000 on a single DMA.